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Is the key word for the growth of AUNDE Portugal

The quality and its know-how allow AUNDE Portugal to have several certifications that attest to the importance that the company gives to its customers' needs.

The AUNDE Portugal team pursues the objective of continuous improvement and business excellence to increase competitiveness and continue to raise the level of quality, with a view to achieve total customer satisfaction.


The implementation of the Quality system started in 1998, when AUNDE Portugal opted to certify in the ISO 9002: 1994 framework. Goal reached in 1999.

This certification made AUNDE Portugal competitive in the market where it is located (making covers for the automotive and aeronautical industry). Since then it has been updating its certifications, continuously improving its processes and products.


  • ISO 9001


  • ISO 14001


  • IATF 16949 to supply the automotive industry
  • Supplier of Excellence for the VW group, under the VDA 6.3 standard


  • EN 9100 to supply the aircraft industry
  • Part 21, Subpart G / POA – Production Organisation Approvals – FORM 1



Follow the link below to view AUNDE Group certifications.

AUNDE Group Certificates